Negotiation training with Mark Young

The human urge to play greater than the urge to fight

Playful Negotiation for Serious People

As a social business, Rational Games uses playful methods to teach negotiation in order to then support initiatives and individuals that make creative use of games and play to resolve conflict. We measure our success by the amount of time and money that we invest in curating innovative initiatives that make a clear contribution to this mission.

Mark Young at TEDxWHU

It was my privilege to tell our story at a recent TedX Conference. We truly believe that the urge to play is greater than the urge to fight. In the talk I explain how we are putting that into action.


October 2020

NEGOTIATING MINDFULLY: Mindfulness As A Tool For Leaders and Negotiators

In a business culture permeated by buzzwords, it is no longer even possible to ignore the practice of mindfulness, a movement that’s been spreading like wildfire.

September 2020

A SEPARATE PEACE: The Splashy Art of the Deal

This month Mark Young takes a nuanced look at the Israel-UAE peace agreement, keeping an eye on the long-term consequences.

August 2020

WOMEN (still) DON’T ASK AND MEN (still) DON’T LISTEN? On Gender in Negotiation in times of Corona

Among its many other consequences, the Corona lockdown has also laid bare the continuing gender inequity in most Western societies.

July 2020

Seeing is Believing: Framing Lessons from the Corona Crisis

Context is everything.  In the negotiation world, we call it framing.

June 2020

DOING WELL BY DOING GOOD: Venture Philanthropy and its Siblings

Rational Games is a social business: we exist to lend our support to projects and organizations that make creative use of games and play to resolve conflict. So this month’s blog focuses on that side of what we do.

May 2020

ZOOMING AHEAD The Delights and Challenges of Digital Seminars

This month Rational Games has been, like so many other training providers, engrossed in a valiant effort to see how much of our traditional training content can be moved online and offered digitally.

Each month, we muse about some aspect of negotiation, gamification or philanthropy and its effect on our work and world. Comments welcome!

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Dr. Mark Young, CEO of Rational Games Inc.


Our business is built around three elements: negotiation training as a service, games and play as a unique way to provide that service and philanthropy as the reason we do what we do.

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Negotiation Training

We offer professional coaching and training services that make use of practical and playful approaches to develop win-win negotiation skills through real-world problem-solving experiences.

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We seek strong partnerships with like-minded social businesses, foundations and private philanthropists who share our conflict-solving philosophy through the universal power of play and who can amplify our impact.

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We develop proprietary games, applications and theatrical experiences that reinforce our practice of win-win negotiation and show our clients that they can take fun seriously.

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