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The human urge to play greater than the urge to fight

Playful Negotiation for Serious People

As a social business, Rational Games uses playful methods to teach negotiation in order to then support initiatives and individuals that make creative use of games and play to resolve conflict. We measure our success by the amount of time and money that we invest in curating innovative initiatives that make a clear contribution to this mission.


February 2018

ARE THEY WELCOME HERE? Introducing a Six-Party Negotiation Game about Refugee Policy

This month I would like to introduce our latest negotiation game – a six-party four-hour simulation drawn from the real world of political negotiation around the (European) refugee crisis.

January 2018

JAMAICAN COCKTAIL Lessons from the German Coalition Talks

Sometimes failed negotiations are the ones that teach us the most. This fall, I had the privilege to personally advise one of the negotiating parties in the talks to form a new German government following the September election.

December 2017


Every few months on this blog we highlight one of our grantees. This month I would like to introduce the fascinating work of Capoeira4Refugees. 

November 2017

WHEN IN ROME… The Challenges of Intercultural Negotiation

Perceptions are always subjective in negotiation, as we all see the world differently. This is all the more true when we are dealing with other cultures. How to handle that?

October 2017

BUT IS IT REALLY WORKING? The World of Impact Investing

“Impact measurement” has probably been the biggest buzzword in the philanthropy community over the past decade, as this “industry” strove to move away from its sleepy beginnings in the comfortable world of grant-giving and begin to...

September 2017

UNTANGLING COMPLEXITY A Report from the G20 Negotiations in Hamburg

The dynamics of this process were fascinating to experience. Just as in a symphony, things started slow, at a courtly pace, with periods of inactivity interspersed with surprise developments.

Each month, we muse about some aspect of negotiation, gamification or philanthropy and its effect on our work and world. Comments welcome!

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Dr. Mark Young, CEO of Rational Games Inc.


Our business is built around three elements: negotiation training as a service, games and play as a unique way to provide that service and philanthropy as the reason we do what we do.

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We offer professional coaching and training services that make use of practical and playful approaches to develop win-win negotiation skills through real-world problem-solving experiences.

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