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Negotiation Training With a Twist

Discover a new approach to negotiation training

We believe that negotiation training should be more than just a series of lectures and presentations. We take pride in differentiating ourselves from other negotiation trainers by incorporating play and creativity into our offerings.


At Rational Games, we take roleplay to a new level by engaging professional actors to enhance your experiential learning and make it more profound and memorable. We are proud of our partnership with a team of trained actors who can help participants learn through experiential practice. This hands-on approach incorporates play and creativity into our offerings, making it a unique and effective way to learn negotiation skills.


If you're interested in incorporating this dimension of learning into your Rational Games experience, please feel free to contact us.

Game-changing skills

In close cooperation with Rational Games Players, we have developed live theatrical training designed to help participants develop game-changing skills in such cases. For a sneak peek check the following video.


At our seminars, you have the opportunity to improve in real-time.

RG Players-02.png

The Rational Games Players are a team of skilled freelance actors who share our passion for games and play, and who understand our approach to win-win negotiation. Collaborating with RGI, they enhance our negotiation training programs, offering a deeply immersive and empowering experience. With our expertise, you will gain the confidence and skills needed to excel in any negotiation scenario.

Meet Our Cast

Curious to learn more?

We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out to us through the contact form. We are look forward to hearing from you!


Thank you for your interest! We will get back to you shortly.

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