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Rational Games is looking for foundations, companies and high net worth individuals to partner with us and invest in and support innovative projects that make use of games and play to resolve conflict.

A message from Dr. Mark Young, President of Rational Games Inc.

Rational Games, Inc. is a private nonprofit foundation, registered in both the USA and Germany offering financial and in-kind support to grantees combining the power of games with the aim of conflict resolution. We are modest in size and have just passed the $ 1 million mark in grants made or generated.

So far we have generated almost 100% of funds from teaching negotiation seminars to senior businesspeople, politicians and diplomats not only in Germany and the US, and applying those funds to fairly modest grants to deserving projects. Now we want to grow and significantly leverage the power of our idea. For that, we hope to interest philanthropists and investors in entering a partnership with us, either directly or on a project-by-project basis.

Get in touch

If you are interested in learning more about Rational Games, please contact us.

We’d like to set up an initial Skype call or personal meeting to tell you more about our efforts.

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