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Please feel free to browse our books and publications. More information is available on request.


Rational Games: a Philosophy of Negotiation from Practical Reason

published 2001 by Greenwood Press.

Negotiating the Good Life: Aristotle and the Civil Society

published in 2004 by Ashgate.


Making Things Happen: The Responsibility of Negotiation

Socio-Economic Review, 2005

Playing Red and Playing Blue: The Negotiation Miracle in South Africa

SSR, 2006

Sharks, Saints and Samurai: the Power of Ethics in Negotiation

Harvard Negotiation Journal, 2008

Introducing Cool School: Where Peace Rules and Conflict Resolution Can Be Fun

International Journal of Game-Based Learning, 2012

The Rhythm of the Deal: Negotiation as a Dance

Harvard Negotiation Journal, 2008

Playing with Icebergs: Negotiating Improvizationally

Ivey Business Journal, 2014

Games People Play (Remastered), and How to Change Them

Journal of Mediation and Applied Conflict Analysis, 2016

Fighting for Our Principles: Interests vs Values in Conflict Resolution

Journal of Mediation and Applied Conflict Analysis, 2018, Vol. 5, No. 1

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