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We emphasize the positive impact of participative learning and therefore use Experiential Learning in our seminars.

A group of individuals engaged in a lively discussion during an experiential learning session hosted by Rational Games Inc., embodying the interactive and participative approach to teaching negotiation skills.
Encourage embodied learning

At RGI, seminar participants not only hear about successful negotiation but also get a chance to do it themselves in real time. Some of these experiences truly "push the envelope", moving the learning from the head to the heart and gut.

Theatrical Training

In close cooperation with Silver Key Solutions, we have developed some live theatrical training designed to help participants develop game-changing skills in such cases. For a sneak peek check the following video.

In our seminars, you get a chance to do better - in real-time.

Using Games in Negotiation Training

In contrast to other similar providers, we offer both game-based experiential sessions in the classroom as well as online and blended learning.

PPC: Negotiating the Refugee Crisis

This is a six-party multilateral political simulation, done in real time with digital support. Participants negotiate and publish a final diplomatic communique.

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