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As a professional coaching, training and consulting organization, we support our clients in a number of ways, all around the themes of negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution, but also ethics, leadership and storytelling. Our training is engaging, interactive and fun, always tailored to our client's negotiation environment.

We offer tailor-made intensive and highly interactive in-house seminars, usually in small groups, involving lots of games and play even for senior executives, but also hands-on negotiation advice, practice opportunity and personal feedback.

Our seminar program:

Dr. Mark Young and a fellow RGI coach leading an interactive in-house seminar, with a full class of attentive participants engaged in games and negotiation exercises as part of Rational Games Inc.'s tailored training services.
A well-dressed Rational Games trainer providing individualized coaching to a client, exemplifying the personalized support offered in both live and online formats to enhance specific negotiation skills.

Some seminar participants seek to deepen their learning and work with us on an individual basis to strengthen their particular negotiation skills. This support can be both live and online.

When requested, Rational Games can serve as live negotiation consultants, accompanying real-world negotiations from start to finish, advising on preparation, execution and moderation of lessons learned.

Dr. Mark Young engaging with a group in deep discussion, illustrating Rational Games' hands-on approach to serving as live negotiation consultants, guiding real-world negotiations from preparation to reflection on lessons learned.

Our Approach to Negotiation

Our approach to negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution is very much in the spirit of the "Harvard" method of collaborative and creative negotiation, the kind that leaves all parties better off and strengthens the relationship between them, even as each remains true to its interests and values.

Client Feedback

Aastha Singh

Communications Lead, Slam Out Loud,
May 2021
Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes
Participant, May 2016

Riold Furtuna

MBA Student, ESMT

Massimo di Tria

ESMT Executive Education
Participant, February 2016
Participant, September 2014

Rochester Berne

»One of the most meaningful, memorable, and phenomenally facilitated sessions I have ever been a part of. It was already such an honor for our team to be part of the Rational Games family - this workshop, I must confess, was the cherry on top! I have found myself sharing learnings from this session across multiple personal conversations ever since the SOL team attended it. Couldn't be more grateful to Mark Young and Antonia T. for curating and taking us through a session that left us with such a massive learning curve!«

»Experimental methods, fascinating roleplays with professional actors, a very useful and enjoyable seminar.«

»Mark is a brilliant facilitator! I have attended two of his negotiations classes at the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) and I can surely say that I grew a lot as a negotiator thanks to his course. He is very hands on, straight forward, honest, and above all he made sure that we understood that negotiating is not about positions but rather about creating win-win situations without compromising individual values. The skills that I have learned during his class are crucial not only in a business setting, but also during everyday situations. «

»I went through some negotiation trainings with Mark Young at ESMT in Berlin and it was a great experience. Highly recommended!«

»The workshop opened up new perspectives, possibilities and horizons (both professional and personal) for us. Not only did you provide us with theory and tools necessary to become better in our jobs but also with experiences that made me understand myself and the people around me in a better way«

»Everything is crunched in an extremely simple, easy to use framework. One of the most practical, condensed seminars we have had«

»Other professors should learn from Mark’s didactic«

MBA Program
Participant, August 2014
ESMT Executive Education

»Very helpful pedagogy: abstract explanations with hands-on practice«

Participant, January 2013
KLU Leadership Training
Participant, September 2018

»So far the best lecture about leadership. Incredibly inspirational, very well structured. Mr. Young was always making sure that we were following him and learning. The last activity with the actor was just astonishing. «

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