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The reason we engage in all of this is to enable us to offer both content and financial support to organizations and projects using games and play to resolve conflict. We are a registered nonprofit foundation in both Germany and the US, and welcome your proposals.

We are actively seeking partnerships with social businesses, foundations, and philanthropists who share our philosophy of conflict resolution through the power of play, and who can help us increase our impact.

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Our Grantees

List of out grantees we sponsored over the years

Grantee World Map

A few words from Our Grantees

Below there are some examples of grant projects we financed recently:

Sports for more

This is a boxing project in Kreuzberg, with a special emphasis on women and girls, as well as refugees.  We are supporting their boxing classes and tournaments, but also starting and co-leading a joint training program on conflict resolution, to be offered biweekly in after-training discussion groups.  More on them and their dynamic founder Marike Ingwersen is at:

Sports for more Website

Help Alliance/Dancing in Brazil

Dance Therapy, Training and Social Protection for underprivileged youths in Reconciliação, a marginal suburb of Sao Paolo, created and managed by a Lufthansa flight attendant from Munich.  This is a new project from one of our “Kangaroo” partners, Help Alliance, the charitable arm of Lufthansa (think of those envelopes for change in the pocket of the seat in front of you).  More on them is at:

Help Alliance Website

Musicians Without Borders

This is another valued Kangaroo partner, their MD Laura Hassler will be our next Powerhouse guest.  We are now helping to fund the second year of an ambitious music camp project for especially male teenagers, who are often recruiting targets for militia looking for child soldiers.  Check out the fairly joyful videos at:

Musicians Without Borders

Empty Hands Music

This is an inspiring midlife project of a former hot-shot investment banker, now returned and dedicated to his first love of music (hip-hop) living and working in the slums of New Delhi.  Nimo Patel is an Internet sensation, and his heartwarming hip-hop videos have received millions of hits and likes on Youtube, Spotify and Instagram.  Especially check out “We Shall Overcome”, a modern retake of the Martin Luther King anthem.

Empty Hands Music

Our grantee program

The Rational Games Small Grant program is by invitation only and provides targeted financial assistance to projects run by qualified organizations that make innovative use of games and play in the service of conflict resolution, negotiation or mediation.

Rational Games seeks to work with partners over a 2-3 year grant cycle, supporting projects that demonstrate an innovative and convincing commitment to utilizing games and play for conflict resolution, negotiation or mediation. Proposed projects should have a clear emphasis on practice rather than theory (no funding of conferences). Organizations submitting proposals must demonstrate a commitment to utilizing games and play for conflict resolution, negotiation or mediation in their approach.

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