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Introducing our latest Rational Games Grantee April 2024

By Mark Young, President, Rational Games, Inc.

Nimo Patel sharing his love

It is my great honor to use the occasion of this monthly blog to welcome and introduce our latest RGI Grantee, Empty Hands Music (

We come to this world empty-handed and we leave empty-

handed. If that is the ultimate truth, how are we using the time that we are here?

My music is my answer to that question.

Nimo Patel is a force of nature. Through his innate compassion creativity, and musical talent, he has harnessed the power of music into impactful initatives not only in his now-native India, but all over the world. Inspiring singing from the heart.

After receiving a degree from Wharton Business School, Nimo left a promising career on Wall Street to devote his talents to music, and to show us how the power of how music can move hearts and minds around the world. Specializing in hip-hop, Nimo is much more than a performer, but rather a much-admired humanitarian and ambassador of love and peace.

His music and music videos have traversed the world to over 100 million viewers through MTV, YouTube, Tony Robins Events, the BBC Channel and more. Now based in the slums of Ahmedabad after embarking on two worldwide tours with 33 children from slum communities and producing a pioneering "Empty Hands" album that has reached millions, he continues to humbly spread his message of oneness through music and grassroots service work.

Nimo has shared his heart-felt message in over 20 countries from schools, refugee camps and hospitals to international conferences, prisons and music festivals.

We were drawn to offering financial and also in-kind support to EHM for three reasons:

  • The infectious catchy music videos which have received many thousands of likes, gladdening hearts and inspiring millions

  • The clear humanitarian mission of using proceeds from this work for philanthropic work mostly in the slums of Ahmedabad

  • The truly inspiring biography of how one man can help to change the world and inspire thousands of others to do the same

But see for yourself, dear Reader.

Empty Hands Pilgrimage:


We shall overcome:

Welcome, Nimo, to the RGI Family!

Comments welcome.


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