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Updated: Jan 30

Rational Games delivers civilian relief supplies to Ukraine

By the Rational Games Team

Normally, Rational Games is all about the power of games and play to resolve conflict: we support innovative projects around the world that do exactly that, sometimes in unexpected ways.

But when we saw the increasing social and economic hardship of the people in Ukraine in the course of the last year, we decided to do something directly to make a difference. And so, in January 2023, we launched a special project: providing a shipment of basic humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have succeeded in raising more than $ 3000 for that venture, and have chosen to use this money to supply our local partner, the Ukrainian Civil Defense Service in the Khmelnytskyi region, with a large 7 kW Honda water pump and more than 20 pairs of firefighting gloves. Our donation went directly to the end users, no middlemen, no overhead.

We had to keep our expectations in check and soon realized that this project would be a challenge for us, as direct humanitarian aid is not one of our core competencies.

Nevertheless, we were determined to do something concrete, however small. And so our entire team is very happy to have contributed to pumping water out of bomb shelters, putting out fires after air raids and making the work of firefighters safer.

When we started this campaign, our original goal was to procure electricity generators. However, as the war continued for months and the situation in the region evolved in a different direction, we adapted to the urgent needs of our local partners and decided to instead procure gloves and water pumps.

A big thank you to our partner CRISP for helping us spread the word about this campaign and supporting our crowdfunding! And also a big thank you to the Dachverband der ukrainischen Organisationen in Deutschland e.V. in Bensheim, who organized the logistics and shipped all the goods to Ukraine - free of charge! This special issue is dedicated to you.

Above all, we would like to thank every one of you who helped to make this possible, especially our GoFundMe donors! It was all a great team effort and would not have been possible without your support!

Slava Ukraina!

Again, warm thanks

your RGI Team



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