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The ABC of Gender in Negotiation: Insights from Hannah Riley Bowles

Updated: Jun 3

Our latest Podcast, The ABC of Gender in Negotiation

By Mark Young and Hannah Riley Bowles

June 2024

In the realm of negotiation, gender has the potential to shape behavioral dynamics and outcomes. Hannah Riley Bowles, a distinguished researcher and expert in the field, has shed light on the contextual factors that heighten the likelihood of gender effects in negotiation, as well as strategies for mitigating potential sources of bias. Her work provides invaluable insights for anyone navigating these complexities more effectively.

Hannah Riley Bowles: A Brief Introduction

Listen to our latest Podcast The ABC of Gender in Negotiation with Hannah Riley Bowles

Hannah Riley Bowles is a prominent faculty member at the Harvard Kennedy School and a leading authority on gender in negotiation. Her research focuses on how gender influences negotiation processes and outcomes, particularly in leadership and career advancement contexts. As co-director of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Center for Public Leadership and Women and Public Policy Program, she focuses on initiatives related to women’s leadership advancement.

Career Negotiation Strategy: Asking, Bending, Shaping

One of Bowles' key contributions is her work on career negotiation strategies, particularly the concept of "Asking, Bending, Shaping." We suggested Asking, Bending and Change leading to the powerful title. This framework highlights three essential components highlighted in our latest Podcast:

Further resources discussed in the Podcast:


The insights from Hannah Riley Bowles on gender dynamics in negotiation are immensely valuable. Her frameworks and research offer individuals and organizations the opportunity to improve negotiation practices to be more equitable and effective. Whether through strategic preparation, adaptive approaches, or advocating for systemic change, Bowles' work provides a comprehensive guide to navigating the complex landscape of gender in negotiation. It was an honour to have her as a guest on our latest Powerhouse Podcast.

It was an honour to have her as a guest on our latest Powerhouse Podcast. Further discussions are welcomed.


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