The human urge to play is greater than the urge to fight.

Playful Negotiation for Serious People

As a social business, rational games invests time, talent and money in initiatives and individuals that make creative use of games and play to bring people together to build a more peaceful world. We measure our success by the amount of time and funding we invest in curating innovative initiatives that make a clear contribution to conflict resolution.


Dr. Mark Young,
CEO of Rational Games Inc.


Negotiation Training

We offer professional coaching and training services that make use of practical and playful approaches to develop win-win negotiation skills through real-world problem-solving experiences. Our training is engaging, interactive and fun, leading to measurable improvements in negotiation performance.


We seek strong partnerships with like-minded social businesses, foundations and private philanthropists who share our conflict-solving philosophy through the universal power of play and who can amplify our impact.

Games and Play

We develop proprietary games, applications and theatrical experiences which reinforce the practice of our win-win philosophy and help our clients learn to take fun seriously.

Strategic Partners

ESMT European School of Management and Technology
Egger Philips and Partner
Constra Oy
AdVenture Learning

The Rational Games Board

Dr. Mark Young (CEO)
Raymond Cyr
Wayne Lifshitz
Norm Thomas
Björn Hofmann

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