In addition to our financial and in-kind support of the conflict resolution projects of our grantees, we at RGI have also undertaken several new gaming projects of our own.

Negotiate! Bidding for Babelsberg: 
A negotiation app

In our first scenario, we offer “Bidding for Babelsberg”, an East German privatization negotiation based on real-world facts. More scenarios will follow shortly.

Negotiate! is an App for iPad and is available in the App Store / iTunes.

Cool School Where peace rules. A game for children

This is a Flash based animated game to teach conflict resolution to children between 4 and 7. It is fun and active and includes full pedagogy for facilitators. Link to the game below. (External site, Flash required)

Online Learning Exercising negotiation

Rational Games' first approach to build an online learning platform for participants of our courses. (Desktop only, Flash required)