Open Seminar on Intercultural Negotiation

— What kind of handshake should you offer in Korea?
— Why do artistic types often react poorly to Power Point?
— How quickly should you come to the point with partners you hardly know?

In the end, the answer is all about understanding the interests (and norms) that govern the thinking of your negotiation partner. And that depends on his or her culture, whatever that means.

We are therefore pleased to invite you to the first of a series of one-day seminars on

Intercultural Negotiation

to be held on Friday, 12 October 2018, 9 to 5, in Berlin.

Your trainers: Mark Young and Catherine Mehrtens.

Building on the fundamental ideas of the Harvard approach to constructive win—win negotiation, we want to now raise the bar: what complications are added when we are dealing with someone of a different culture? We will:

— Present several frameworks for thinking about this topic in a different way
— Do a series of interactive exercises that allow us to experience the specific challenges of culture
— Role play and discuss your particular cultural challenges from real-world negotiation.

Seminar Fee:
EUR 250 (includes lunch and all expenses), plus 7% VAT (remember, we are a nonprofit!)

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We look forward to welcoming you to Berlin!

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