Our Offerings

As a professional coaching, training and consulting organization, we support our clients in a number of ways, all around the themes of negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution, but also ethics, leadership and storytelling. Our training is engaging, interactive and fun, always tailored to our client's negotiation environment.

Rational Games Seminar at CELA in Istanbul


We offer tailor-made intensive and highly interactive in-house seminars, usually in small groups, involving lots of games and play even for senior executives, but also hands-on negotiation advice, practice opportunity and personal feedback.

Our seminar program:

Valentin Ade for Rational Games at a training session at ESMT Berlin


Some seminar participants seek to deepen their learning and work with us on an individual basis to strengthen their particular negotiation skills. This support can be both live and online.

Mark Young from Rational Games consulting a group of negotiators


When requested, Rational Games can serve as live negotiation consultants, accompanying real world negotiations from start to finish, advising on preparation, execution and moderation of lessons learned.

Our Approach to Negotiation

Our approach to negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution is very much in the spirit of the "Harvard" method of collaborative and creative negotiation, the kind that leaves all parties better off and strengthens the relationship between them, even as each remains true to its interests and values.