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Each month, we muse about some aspect of negotiation, gamification or philanthropy and its effect on our work and world. Comments welcome!
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March 2017

IDEAS IN MOTION Teaching “Newcomers” to Negotiate

Every so often, we like to turn the spotlight of this blog on our esteemed RGI grantees. This month I would like to introduce the very exciting crowdfunding campaign of our partners SINGA Deutschland gUG in Berlin.

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February 2017

THE ART OF THE (WIN-WIN) DEAL Can Negotiators Learn Anything From Donald Trump?

I have of course been observing the first days of Trump’s America with interest and trepidation, but also with the practiced eye of the negotiator.  From that perspective, there is much to be concerned about.

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January 2017

PLAYING WITH ICEBERGS Improvizational Negotiation

To round out the year, please allow a few musings on the connections between negotiation and one of my other passions, improvisational theater (IT).

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December 2016

TO CHOOSE OR TO DECIDE Dealing with uncertainty in negotiation

Today I am happy to present a guest blogger, my esteemed colleague and friend Ulrich Egger, founder of Egger Philips and Partner in Zürich. We would both welcome feedback on these thoughts.

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November 2016


 I have for some time been interested in the relationship between negotiation and meditation/mindfulness,  an interest spurred not only on the growing literature about the connection between the two but also by my own personal experiences.

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October 2016

COME TO THE FEAST The “SUPRA” Model of Negotiation?

For this month's blog, I brainstormed with a number of esteemed friends and colleagues for inspiration in my search for a new moniker for "Win-Win Negotiation" and "Make the Pie Bigger"

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September 2016

GAMES AND PLAY with and for Refugees

This month Germany marks the first anniversary of Angela Merkel’s surprisingly bold decision to open the borders to refugees, especially from Syria.

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August 2016

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY … And how to change them.

This month, let me take the occasion of the passing of Howard Raiffa to muse a bit about game theory.  He was an absolute leader in the field and one of the first to mathematically lay out the rich tapestry of games that people play.

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July 2016

GAMING IS ITS OWN REWARD Checking In with Serious Gaming

As this year’s Games for Change Festival draws to an end this month in New York, I am struck by how far the movement has come.

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June 2016

WHIMSICALITY The Power of Humor in Negotiations

This month I wanted to reflect a bit on an aspect of negotiation that has always interested me: the lighter side.

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