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Each month, we muse about some aspect of negotiation, gamification or philanthropy and its effect on our work and world. Comments welcome!
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November 2017

WHEN IN ROME… The Challenges of Intercultural Negotiation

Perceptions are always subjective in negotiation, as we all see the world differently. This is all the more true when we are dealing with other cultures. How to handle that?

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October 2017

BUT IS IT REALLY WORKING? The World of Impact Investing

“Impact measurement” has probably been the biggest buzzword in the philanthropy community over the past decade, as this “industry” strove to move away from its sleepy beginnings in the comfortable world of grant-giving and begin to...

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September 2017

UNTANGLING COMPLEXITY A Report from the G20 Negotiations in Hamburg

The dynamics of this process were fascinating to experience. Just as in a symphony, things started slow, at a courtly pace, with periods of inactivity interspersed with surprise developments.

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August 2017


For Carse, life can fundamentally viewed through two lenses.  If all the world is a stage, then we are all playing either finite or infinite games.

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July 2017

FRENCH LESSONS What Emmanuel Macron can teach us about negotiation

The new President of France has become the toast of Europe ever since he exploded on the stage just a few months ago. Is this the new Kennedy, the new de Gaulle, Napoleon, or even a male Joan of Arc?

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June 2017


Even after years of experience as a negotiation practitioner and teacher/coach, I am still challenged by the nefarious effects of emotion in negotiation. This month we explore how to keep cool in hot negotiations.

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May 2017

PLAYING FOR PEACE ON THE STREET Bond Street Theatre in Malaysia

Every few months, we like to blog about our esteemed grantees, the organizations that are successfully using games and play not only to teach negotiation in the classroom but who are out in the wider world applying this powerful medium.

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April 2017

DO YOU REALLY MEAN IT? On Authenticity in Negotiation

Some years ago,  Barbra Streisand granted a one-hour interview with Larry King on CNN, just after her highly successful concert tour on the US East Coast.  Keen to glean as much as he could from this all-too-rare journalistic opportunity.

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March 2017

IDEAS IN MOTION Teaching “Newcomers” to Negotiate

Every so often, we like to turn the spotlight of this blog on our esteemed RGI grantees. This month I would like to introduce the very exciting crowdfunding campaign of our partners SINGA Deutschland gUG in Berlin.

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February 2017

THE ART OF THE (WIN-WIN) DEAL Can Negotiators Learn Anything From Donald Trump?

I have of course been observing the first days of Trump’s America with interest and trepidation, but also with the practiced eye of the negotiator.  From that perspective, there is much to be concerned about.

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