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Each month, we muse about some aspect of negotiation, gamification or philanthropy and its effect on our work and world. Comments welcome!
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August 2021

RATIONAL GAMES AT 20: A Bavarian Celebration

This month, please allow the team at Rational Games to share in their marking the occasion of our 20th anniversary (founded in 2001) this weekend, where our trainers, Board and honored guests gathered for four days in Bavaria.

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August 2021

MAY THE BEST TEAM(S) WIN: The Thrill of Negotiation Competitions

As some of our followers and readers may know, we have in recent years had the honor of serving as jury members for both the Warsaw Negotiation Round and The Negotiation Challenge, here is why!

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July 2021

THE EAGLE AND THE FOX: Biden and Putin in Geneva

All eyes were on Geneva last week to watch the capstone of President Biden’s European trip: his “working summit” with Vladimir Putin. Would it be more than a “meet and greet”? Would meaningful concessions be made by either side?

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June 2021

#crewloveistruelove: On Negotiating in Teams

To negotiate alone or in a team: which is preferable? Do we even have a choice in today’s complex negotiation environment? If “teamwork is dreamwork”, how do we ensure that that dream does not spiral into a nightmare?

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May 2021

YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE: On Threats in Negotiation

Those of us that follow political negotiation through history might well be intrigued by two contrasting examples of threats used in negotiation by US Presidents.

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April 2021


This month, Rational Games would like to showcase our good friends and partners Larissa Menocci and Adam Ambrozy of MakeTeamwork, a boutique training and consulting company focusing on intercultural teamwork

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March 2021

THE POWER OF POETRY: Introducing Slam Out Loud in India

Rational Games is proud to take the occasion of this month’s blog to introduce our latest grantee: Slam Out Loud (SOL) of Delhi, India - specifically their Project Arts for All.

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February 2021

NEGOTIATING DIGITALLY: Easing Into the „New Normal“

Most trainers and coaches, not only for negotiation, have spent most of the last year online, and the most successful of them have learned to create engaging and interactive content especially using the new media of ZOOM and its competitors

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January 2021

A NEW BEGINNING? Quieting the Guns of Red and Blue

As 2021 begins, many of the eyes of the world are focused on Washington and yet another Presidential Inauguration.

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December 2020

PATHWAYS TO A SHARED SOCIETY: Teaching Creative, Interest-Based Negotiation in Israel

Rational Games would like to take the occasion of the last blog of 2020 to introduce our newest grantee, PATHWAYS Institute for Negotiation Education

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